2009: Still the Greatest


We at BI sat with bated breath anxiously awaiting the February edition of The Wine Advocate for Mr Parker’s in-bottle scores of the very coveted 2009 vintage. No shocker, Mr Parker adamantly reiterated “After spending nearly two weeks there at the end of January, this is unquestionably the greatest Bordeaux vintage I have ever tasted.”

The results from his in-bottle tastings (reds) were astonishing - 19 wines with a perfect score of 100 and 11 wines rated 99. In comparison, the most recent great vintage (2005) had only 2 wines receiving perfect scores.

Mr Parker elaborated further “In short, 2009 is the greatest vintage I have tasted in Bordeaux since 1982, of which it is a modern-day version, but greatly improved. It is more consistent (many châteaux that were making mediocre wine in 1982 are now making brilliant wine) and of course, the yields are lower, the selection process is stricter, and there are any other number of factors, from investments in the wineries to impeccable, radical viticulture that have resulted in extraordinary raw materials.”

The beauty of 2009 is that there’s something gorgeous to offer across the price range. “Obviously the classified growths have produced extraordinary wines, but what is so striking about 2009 – and I haven’t really seen this kind of excitement since 1982 – is the quality of the cru bourgeois and the petits vins and generic Bordeaux that are available.”

Undeniably, there’s no replacement for Mr. Parker’s sheer experience and 33 years of En Primeur tastings on the trot. We feel confident that his insight will give customers a solid understanding of what’s hot and what’s not… not to mention the countless occasions which he is able to re-visit the great vintages of the past at his various dinners and events.

Our own experience of the 2009 vintage was pretty similar, with both new arrivals and old hands from BI declaring they had experienced something extraordinary when tasting the wines from barrel - so we’re going to back Mr Parker up on this one! With his from-bottle scores for 2009, we expect the market to react in a big way. So, today we’re offering you the chance to pounce on a few of our favourites before they all get swept up. Click the links on the right to view Mr. Parker's 100 Pointers, 99 & 98 Pointers, and BI's Top Picks.

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