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We firmly believe that the case for investing in fine wine is a strong one and that the opportunity to invest ought to be available to everyone. To this end, we’ve both simplified the process and provided the best advice available. In short, follow the following easy steps:

  • Decide how much you would like to invest
  • Decide the duration of your investment
  • Decide the type of portfolio you would like
  • Call or email Bordeaux Index


Portfolio Design

The success of the investment rests heavily on the quality of the initial selection. Accordingly, we take great care to ensure that investment objectives are clearly understood and that the portfolio selection specifically meets these requirements. Our independent advisor Calico AM provides the investment framework and analytical tools to ensure the best choices are made.


Price Guarantee and Fees

BI commit to match or better the price offered by similarly respected merchants in the UK over the value of the portfolio. Moreover, we guarantee to buy back all investment wines bought from us, leaving you with certainty of liquidity. Our award winning 2-way trading screen, LiveTrade, gives comprehensive and up-to-the minute prices and information for all investment wines.

Beyond storage, there are no fees. Plain and simple.


Storage and Tracking

All wines will be kept in optimal conditions at Octavian’s Colerne Reserve facility. All cases are marked with unique customer identification to guarantee title. Photos, condition reports and even visits can be arranged on request.

BI My Portfolio gives you the chance to track, analyse and trade your portfolio with our real-time portfolio management facility. 

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