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LiveTrade is unique as it gives all investors buying and selling prices of the world's top wines that can be traded immediately without having to further contact a broker. It creates a single point of call, making trading, in a variety of currencies, more straightforward and less time consuming. This is a significant improvement on current market broking screens, which do not allow private individuals to bid, nor do they list both selling and buying prices on all wines displayed. We have recently launched 'The Bordeaux Index' which is an innovative and up to the minute measure to track the progress of both individual wines and portfolios. Scroll to down to read more, or click the quick links on the right to learn more before beginning to trade:

  • We only accept in-bond (IB) stock, in OWC 12x75cl or OWC 6x75cl.
  • All stock must be in excellent condition and free from import strips or other extraneous labels.
  • If traded stock is not made available for our immediate collection or is not transferred to our warehouse within five working days of the transaction date, BI reserves the right to cancel the trade.
  • Please read our full listing of Terms & Conditions here before agreeing to trade through the LiveTrade screen.

V I E W   A L L   L I V E T R A D E   W I N E S   H E R E

Recent Activity - Sales

Vintage Wine Description Score We Buy We Sell  
2002 Haut Brion 89 £2,300 £2,575 TRADE
1990 Leoville Las Cases 96 £1,970 £2,300 TRADE
2000 Lafite Rothschild 98+ £11,300 £12,800 TRADE
1996 Latour 99 £4,750 £5,450 TRADE
2008 Montrose 95 £505 £590 TRADE
2008 Montrose 95 £505 £590 TRADE
2006 Montrose 94+ £500 £605 TRADE
2001 Lafite Rothschild 94 £4,925 £5,600 TRADE
2005 La Mission Haut Brion 98+ £2,900 -- TRADE
1996 Margaux 99 £3,875 £4,350 TRADE

Recent Activity - Purchases

Vintage Wine Description Score We Buy We Sell  
1990 Cheval Blanc 98+ £6,500 £7,335 TRADE
1990 Cheval Blanc 98+ £6,500 £7,335 TRADE
2000 Pichon Baron 97 £1,345 £1,550 TRADE
2008 Pontet Canet 96 £540 £650 TRADE
1996 Mouton Rothschild 94 £3,025 £3,450 TRADE
1996 Pichon Lalande 96 £1,420 £1,650 TRADE
2000 Cheval Blanc 100 £5,100 £5,900 TRADE
2009 Lynch Bages 98 £950 £1,075 TRADE
2009 Latour 100 £8,550 £9,500 TRADE
2010 Leoville Las Cases 98 (NM) £1,425 £1,735 TRADE

The Bordeaux Index

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'The Bordeaux Index' tracks live changes in the prices of the most liquidly traded wines on the LiveTrade market making screen. Rather than pricing monthly, our technology facilitates dynamic, daily updates and will allow users to monitor the market at their convenience. It's the most transparent, accurate and simple way of gauging the market performance of Bordeaux. For the first time, investors will no longer need to base their decisions upon monthly market movements. Just as importantly, it does not require a statistics degree for interpretation. The launch of 'The Bordeaux Index' is the culmination of much hard work and planning; we want to provide the best and most up-to-date information for our customers and are extremely proud to be leading such an innovative initiative within the industry. Users are also able to view individual price graphs for all of the wines traded on LiveTrade with data going back to the 1st of January 2008.
Index Monthly :   -0.56%
Index Year To Date :   -2.92%
Index Year On Year :   -7.71%