BI Moves to Octavian

In an exciting development, BI has secured a move to a brand new, state of the art wine storage facility operated by Octavian. The move guarantees future capacity for increased client reserves and also signals BI's commitment to innovation and providing the best possible services to our customers. All wine stored by the company will soon be moved to the Colerne Reserve – a new high-tech, high-security site in Wiltshire. The Colerne Reserve has been designed and constructed to match the ideal conditions of Octavian's original reserve at Corsham Cellars and to build on the experience gained from developing Corsham.

[Click here to view images of our new facilities at Octavian]

To ensure your wine is kept in perfect condition, the heavily insulated site boasts state of the art technology to control temperature and humidity and uses cutting-edge LED lighting to eliminate the UV rays and heat generated by conventional lighting - and keep energy use to a minimum. There can be little doubt that this facility sets a new standard for long-term storage of fine wines. Of course, the quality of the warehouse is just one aspect: we have our own BI-dedicated team at the facility checking every case in and out, thus giving you the reassurance that your valuable wines are in the best possible hands. In addition each case will be logged and barcoded on receipt making every case individually traceable.

At a time when quality fine wine storage in the UK is becoming increasingly scarce, we are delighted to have worked in partnership with Octavian to secure significant space for our future growth. As you are no doubt aware, Octavian is the world's leading fine wine storage company and we look forward to working with them to ensure our storage customers have access to the world's best storage facilities.

We're incredibly excited about this development and we hope you share in our enthusiasm.

If you have questions please check out our Q&A. If you are still unsure about anything, please contact your account manager or our Client Reserves Manager Lewis Byrne on

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