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At BI we have long believed that Philipponnat’s superb flagship Champagne Clos de Goisses is quite simply one of the very best wines produced anywhere on the planet. Why? Not only because it is from one of the most singular and extraordinary vineyards in the world, or because Charles and his team are winemakers par excellence – but because we know full well that it is easily capable of ageing and improving for over half a century and is a wonderful wine to be paired with food.

“We tasted ten vintages of Clos des Goisses... the first time that I had participated in a vertical of Philipponnat’s crown jewel. There is no doubt that it is an individual, impressive Champagne whose longevity was proven by the 1982 and the 1989. I concur with others who noted how Clos des Goisses is as much a “wine” as a “champagne”, which is probably why we were able to partner it with various dishes throughout the entire dinner, without yearning for a dry white or red.” Neal Martin on BI’s last Clos des Goisses dinner in 2009

We are therefore unquestionably excited to invite you to a dinner with the extremely knowledgeable and talented Charles Philipponnat.  He will be sharing an incredible spread of vintages of these extraordinary wines going back almost 40 years and coming directly from their cellars.  It is only fitting therefore to choose Xavier Rousset’s brainchild 1* Michelin “Texture” as the perfect setting for such an event - not least because it has recently been awarded Louis Roederer’s 2014 Imbibe Champagne List of the Year!


Wines to be served on the night:

Clos des Goisses Cuvée 1522

Clos des Goisses 2002

Clos des Goisses 2000

Clos des Goisses 1997

Clos des Goisses 1996

Clos des Goisses 1995

Clos des Goisses 1990

Clos des Goisses 1980

Clos des Goisses 1976

Clos des Goisses Sublime Reserve 1991 Demi Sec



When: Wednesday 29th October, 2014

Where: 1* Michelin “Texture” Restaurant, 34 Portman Street, London W1H 7BY

Time: 7pm

(Clos des Goisses Cuvée 1522 to be served on arrival)


Dress: Smart casual


Price: £350 + VAT per ticket


To confirm your place please email




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