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A letter from Bordeaux Index founder Gary Boom

This is a business for people who are passionate about fine wine. It is a labour of love and the people I know do it because they love the product. There is still an air of romance to the whole thing, thank God!

As a director of broking company Intercapital, and a fine wine enthusiast, I was fed up with poor treatment from my wine suppliers. Given the amount of money I was spending the service was shoddy, you'd be buying a case of Mouton '82 and if you weren't around it would be dumped at the back of the house.

Can you imagine buying a new Cartier watch and Cartier saying, 'If you're not in we'll pop it through the letter box', and then expect you to call them?

It was this discontent that inspired me to set up my own fine wine merchant in 1997. I thought there was a role for someone in this market who looks after their customer base better, educates them better and doesn't charge as much!

Bordeaux Index was the result, and today, the business buys and sells more quality Bordeaux than just about anyone else in the UK, if not in Europe.

Our core values are central to our belief system; they define the way we behave collectively and individually, towards our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We have built our reputation through honesty, openness and simplicity; it's the core of our belief system and we ensure that we take responsibility for our actions. We say what we mean, and do what we say.

We are passionate about our product and want to share our excitement by spreading the word about fine wine in a way that everyone understands, whether they be regular international collectors looking for a serious investment or a new found friend.

We encourage people to be different; our non elitist ethos promotes an open and inclusive environment. We want our company and our customers to benefit positively from the innovation and creativity a diverse culture offers.

We want to make buying and investing in wine a simple pleasure. Our customers can rely on our commitment to nurturing skilled and well informed employees with a straightforward can-do approach to life.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build. We believe in dedicating ourselves to ensuring long term mutually beneficial partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Gary Boom, MD and founder of Bordeaux Index

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