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"Bordeaux Index: the wine merchant that Bacchus would choose." - Neal Martin,

"Bordeaux index's impressive range extends well beyond Bordeaux to Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone and the rest of the fine wine world. I don't know any other merchant who sells you the DRC or Petrus you can't find anywhere else. You can be confident that the wine wont have been round the world and back either, as they buy only from reputable sources within Europe. Here is one index that comes at the front and should be writ large" - Sara Basra publisher, World of Fine Wine magazine

"When the team at Bordeaux Index invited me to their inaugural 10-year on horizontal, inspired by similar annual gatherings of Johnson, Broadbent et al, my immediate thought was 'how come nobody has thought of doing that already?'" - Neal Martin,

"The advice and tailor-made portfolio management is second to none. Service is slick and modern rather than crusty and traditional" - Wine International

On our LiveTrade service: "Bordeaux Index was first off the blocks in the UK. Their platform sets buying and selling prices of the top Bordeaux and is already a hit with investors." - JancisRobinson MW

"Despite alcohol sales sinking, fine wine trader Bordeaux Index has reason to raise a glass over the past year." - Top 50 Rising Stars, / Business XL

"...Fine Wine trader Bordeaux Index's innovative link with The Ledbury in Notting Hill whereby their clients could pay zero corkage on their own wines, a scheme that was highly successful by all accounts." - Jancis Robinson MW

"The dinners at The Ledbury, organised by Bordeaux Index are superb... the wine was outstanding." - Neal Martin, Wine Journal

"The Bordeaux Index wine tours are a great idea in that anything that can bring the consumer closer to the fantasy that these illustrious properties offer is a great thing indeed!" - John Abott, deputy editor of

"Huet's Haut-Lieu Vouvray 1947, sheer perfection. Just one of a range of superb wines at a Bordeaux Index lunch" - Michael Broadbent MW, Decanter magazine

"As part of our celebrations, we thought we would also taste some wines from 1988... Lanson Noble Cuvee 1988 Champagne from Bordeaux Index." - Charles Metcalf on ITV's 'This Morning' celebrating its 21st birthday

"Despite its name, Bordeaux Index put on an extensive 2008 Burgundy tasting. It gave tasters the chance to compare Meursault Perrieres from three producers; Douhin, Bouchard, and Louis Latour." - Stephen Brook, Decanter

"Very many thanks for giving us all the chance to taste these wines in such good circumstances." - Jancis Robinson MW

"Very exciting tasting of the 2000s yesterday - and in impeccable tasting conditions, as ever. A great treat. Very many thanks." - Joanna Simon, The Times & Wine gang

"With many thanks for that wonderful tasting! And the food was also stunning." - Simon Hoggart, The Guardian and Wine Spectator

"Thank you and the team for an excellent tasting yesterday and for the excellent lunch; just right." - Derek Smedley MW

"Many thanks for inviting me to this morning's tasting. It was absolutely fascinating... my personal favourite was Pétrus." - Stuart George, freelance wine writer

"Fabulous tasting, thank you. Really fantastic to be able to try all those wines side by side." - Patrick Schmitt, The Drinks Business
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