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About En Primeur 2009 with Bordeaux Index

The 2009 vintage in Bordeaux is unquestionably an exceptional one. Rarely have grapes been picked in such fairytale conditions, resulting in a long period of excited anticipation. Seven months since the harvest and the wines are about to be offered for sale. The fine wine market it buoyant, and demand for these young wines will be extremely high.

We are making buying En Primeur 2009 with Bordeaux Index as simple and transparent as possible. Typically, too, we are offering something that has never been done before. This year, you decide how much you pay.


Create and update a list of wines that you are considering buying. This is a great way to keep track of only those wines that interest you. It also tells us what you're looking for. We will attempt to offer wines on customer wishlists before whatever's left goes on general release. So if you're looking to buy some wines that might sell out, our best advice is to at least include them on your wishlist.


Should you wish to pre-order through Bordeaux Index, you are given the opportunity to set the maximum price you are prepared to pay for a given wine. We're here to help, of course, but it is ultimately you who should decide whether or not to buy and this system gives a level of control to the customer that is not offered by any other fine wine merchant. Bordeaux Index guarantees that the price you pay will be competitive and no higher than our major competitors on the day, irrespective of the maximum price entered on the pre-order.

For every wine, we will issue a guide price to indicate where we expect the wine to be released. It is not be possible for the customer to set a maximum price below the minimum we set. If the wine is made available at or below your maximum, we will invoice you where availability permits.

Pre-orders will be given priority over wishlists, and we will satisfy all valid pre-orders before we offer a wine for general sale. Pre-ordering is highly recommended to secure sought after wines.

BI Cellar

Give your account manager a call. Are you a drinker or investor? Do you prefer Margaux or St Julien? Cru Bourgeois or classed growth? Decide how much you would like to spend and we will personally select you a portfolio of the very best wines of the vintage.

A Note From Gary Boom

Gary Boom Every now and again, something comes along and reminds me just why I love this business and so it is with the Bordeaux 2009s. Back when we visited Bordeaux last October it was already apparent that the weather had been superbly kind to both banks of the Gironde with the excitement amongst vignerons almost palpable.

Well, after more visits to our friends at the Chateaux in the last couple of months I'm more confident than ever that Bordeaux 2009 is the real deal. To quote Bordeaux commentator Bill Blatch, "Comparisons with other vintages are proverbially difficult to make, but maybe we can say that 2009 is what 1982 or 1985 would have been if the vineyard and the yields had been managed as today, or what the 1947 would have been if the vinification had been controlled as today."

As with anything as hyped as En-Primeur, it pays to weigh carefully the early pronouncements and over the last ten years, as BI has become a friend to the regions key producers, I've learnt who to trust. When these guys tell me that the wines are not only good, but in some cases "the best they've ever produced," I listen. Similarly, when the largest negociants tell me that their pre-order books are larger even than for 2005 and that competition for allocations has never been stronger, I take notice. When our own Hong Kong office starts to ask for parcels comparable to our entire allocations for the 2008 campaign, you know it's time to act!

Many of you will be old hands at the En-Primeur game and will know well the opportunities it presents. More than ever we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to access the best research, opinion and allocations available. At the beginning of April we will release full analysis of the vintage with the recommendations of our experienced tasting team, along with the complete reviews from noted Bordeaux critic and writer, Michael Schuster.

You will also be able to follow Michael Schuster on the BI blog we're about to launch as he tours Bordeaux, tasting the 2009 vintage. First blog 24th March 2009.

As with all great vintages, competition for allocations is set to be fierce and we want to make the process as fair and transparent as possible. To this end, there will be 3 ordering systems which we hope will deliver all that you desire from the campaign.

  • The BI Cellar - Give your account manager a call. Are you a drinker or investor? Do you prefer Margaux or St Julien? Cru Bourgeois or classed growth? Decide how much you would like to spend and we will personally select you a portfolio of the very best wines of the vintage. This is a recommended approach as a favoured allocation of the "crown jewels" will be given to these clients.
  • Pre-Order - From the beginning of May you will be able to visit our website - www.bordeauxindex.com - to place your specific orders.
  • Wait and See - As ever, there will be surprises. We will do our best to deliver every worthwhile offer as quickly as possible as the campaign unfolds.

If all comes together as we expect, the 2009 campaign will be fast, fun and exciting. The prospect of a vintage that effectively sells out before a single top wine has been released is a distinct possibility. Searching for comparisons with previous releases is always tricky but casting my mind back to the 2005 vintage, those that acted early not only secured the best wines but subsequently enjoyed the best returns. Our clock is already ticking, if you'd like to join us we're ready to take your call.

Best Regards,

Gary Boom.

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