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Enthusiasm and interest in Port is still very much alive and kicking. Gone are the days when Port was associated as a seasonal Christmas drink served with a wedge of stilton after a gout inducing meal in a dusty old ‘Gentleman’s Club’. Perception has changed dramatically and we have seen many more of our customers – young and old, male and female, drinkers and collectors – all joining in the fun.

Despite the many different styles of Port, it is Vintage, single vineyard and aged tawnies that really get us excited. The illustrious Port houses consistently produce wines that offer serious ‘bang for buck’ (i.e. the incredible scores considering the price) which is virtually unmatched across any other classic wine region.

The Douro Valley itself is a truly magical place. There is something about its beauty, tranquillity and history that is addictive and leaves you longing to return. Enjoying a glass or two, with breath taking views of the sun setting over the steep sided vineyard terraces lacing the River Douro, you really do get a sense that Port is intrinsically linked to the heart and soul of the area.

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