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Checking Up On 1985

by Gary Boom (Managing Director)

Gary Boom investigates the progress of 1985 La Tache and 1985 Richebourg over dinnerWell, in DRC that is – specifically when it comes to the evolution of the La Tache and Richebourg; how are these wines performing today? 

I investigated over dinner at Top Cat’s home with our families. TC is a very dear old friend of mine who happens to live in Jane Austen’s old house and has one of the greatest wine cellars in the world. Not thousands of cases but hundreds and all very, very high quality. I remember him at one stage having a slab delivered of 10 cases each of the 1985 DRC La Tache and Richebourg (which I have been steadily working my way through).

Dinner was served in the kitchen and featured TC’s world-famous roast chicken. So, how were the wines performing?  There was I time when I thought the 1985 La Tache was starting to fade; but not tonight.  Sweet rose petals, complex nose, lovely spice. (94 pts GB)

The 1985 Richebourg has been shading the La Tache recently, and so it was again: Lovely weight, complex old nose and sweet fruit wrapped around with soft tannins.  Delicious - a real treat.  (95 pts GB)

The verdict? All is well; these wines are on top form and will give pleasure for many years to come. Wine of the month? Jadot Musigny 1923 in Beaune.  Magnificent.

[Read more about BI’s recent trip to Louis Jadot in Beaune]

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