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Then and Now... Petrus 82 vs Latour 82

by Gary Boom (Managing Director)

Back in the days when I was in the money broking business (what a lark), I was offered a few mixed cases of Bordeaux from a colleague’s cousin who was moving back to Australia.  I remembered paying very little.  When they arrived I recall spotting 4 pristine bottles of Petrus 1982.  All of the rest of the wines were lovely; in particular I recall a magnum of 1955 Magdelaine and a 1964 Figeac - I have been a fan of both ever since.  Even I knew that the bottles of Petrus were special -  but the trouble with special bottles is that you never know when to open them...  The Petrus sat in my cellar for 20 years until a few weeks ago.  

Who to drink it with?  Only one choice.  Top Cat or TC, a very dear friend.  There are good cellars but very few exceptional cellars: we are talking about a man with 10 cases each (now down to 5) of both DRC La Tache and Richebourg 1985.  So, down to Zafferano with a bottle of 1982 Latour to match against the 1982 Petrus.  We all know how good the Latour is: it is heart-stoppingly good and will only get better...  Sweet ripe fruit, exceptional length and quite frankly pretty much perfect (98+pts GB).  The Petrus? Well, better, actually.  I never thought it would be like this.  Layer upon layer of sweet fruit and intoxicating aromas of sandalwood, plums and exotic spice.  The perfect wine (99+pts GB).  The strange thing is that the wine will only improve, so the dilemma will be when to drink the last 3 bottles.  I notice we are selling a case now.  Whatever the price, it’s worth it. 

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