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La Part des Anges 2014

by Isabel Graham-Yooll, Spirits Buyer

BLOG: La Part des Anges 2014 by Isabel Graham-Yooll, Spirits Buyer

I was lucky enough to be invited to…” it’s a sickening way to begin a blog, particularly if the phrase is followed by a list of priceless wines, glorious tasting notes and several unfocused photos of empty bottles.

So on this occasion let’s skip the list, the tasting notes and even the fuzzy photos and cut straight to the Cognac.

La Part des Anges 2014 is the Annual Charity Auction of Exceptional Cognacs held in Cognac.  It is attended by the great and the greater Cognac producers, and their guests.  As the event is for charity the bidding tends toward the generous.  However there are definite trends that highlight the way that ultra-rare and unique bottlings are fetching increasingly high prices.  The event was truly international with buyers from all over Europe, Asia, Americas and Russia.

Biggest result was for Remy Martin’s "290th Anniversary Coupe" from the Cellar Masters' Perpetual Reserve, which went for 39,000 Euro – an impressive 24k Euro above its estimate.  However almost all the lots sold for much higher than predicted and total spend was a remarkable 25% higher than 2013.

The after party was priceless - glorious if a little unfocussed - but more on that soon…


Baron Otard Private Archives of Chateau de Cognac Estimate: €3000 Hammer: €3700


Normandin-Mercier Grande Champagne Estimate: €2000 Hammer: €2500

Gautier Gautier "Origine" Estimate: €2500 Hammer: €2000

Merlet L'Esprit de Guy Estimate: €800 Hammer: €2000

Hardy "Hommage" Carafe Lalique Trèves (single copy) Estimate: €6000

Hammer: €12500


Deau L.V.O La Vie En Or, first edition Estimate: €4500 Hammer: €6000

Braastad Lot Exclusif No. 1 selected especially for La Part des Anges 2014. Estimate: €2000 Hammer: €9000

Léopold Gourmel L de Gourmel Decanter Grand Champagn Extra Estimate: €500 Hammer: €2000


Frapin Cognac Frapin Grand Champagne Estimate: €5000

Hammer: €11000


Larsen Commémoration Drakkar 1952 Estimate: €2000 Hammer: €4000


Pierre Ferrand Pierre Ferrand 1914: The Last Cask Estimate: €3500 Hammer: €6000


Martell The Queen's Decanter Estimate: €10000 Hammer: €16000


Meukow Meukow Palme d'Or. Part des Anges selection Estimate: €4500 Hammer: €11000


ABK6 A Single Cask from a Single Estate Cognac Estimate: €5000 Hammer: €5500

Hennessy Hennessy, édition particuliére Estimate: €20000 Hammer: €21000

Hine Hine Grande Champagne Cognac Millésime 1964 Estimate: €5000 Hammer: €12000

Rémy Martin Rémy Martin "290th Anniversary Coupe" from the Cellar Masters' Perpetual Reserve Estimate: €15000 Hammer: €39000

Château Montifaud Le Paradis Estimate: €3200 Hammer: €2300

Courvoisier L'Esprit de Joséphine Estimate: €8000 Hammer: €9500

Dupuy Auguste Decanter No. 1 Estimate: €2800 Hammer: €11000

Delamain Delamain 1964, 50 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac Bottle No.1/1 Estimate: €1200 Hammer: €11000

Prince Hubert de Polignac Polignac Ancestral Estimate: €6000 Hammer: €26000

Louis Royer Louis Royer Family Collection Fine Champagne Estimate: €1500 Hammer: €2100

Godet Assemblage Estimate: €1100 Hammer: €3300

François Voyer Collection Personelle Lot No. 5 100% Grande Champagne 1er Cru Estimate: €1500 Hammer: €2000


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