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BIX Update - February 2017

by Lewis Byrne (Client Reserves Manager)

February on BIX has been another hive of activity, breaking through the £1m barrier of wines currently being offered on the system. BIX is clearly the place to be right now and as I said in my blog last month, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So don’t be shy – get involved and get trading! Take a look at the current wines listed on BIX here.


Our key message for 2017 is this: Don’t always store where you buy!

Before we talk about the month’s activity, it’s worth reiterating that you can only use BIX if you currently store in our state-of-the-art warehouse, The Colerne Reserve. Having your stock in the same place as ours means we can sell, and deliver, your BIX-listed stock as if it were our own – so no ex-cellar delays for those impatient buyers. In addition it means we can guarantee the quality of what you’re buying, again, as if it were our own stock – so whichever side of the trade you find yourself on, you can be confident you are trading with excellent stock.

As much as we’d like to, we probably can’t convince you to buy ALL your wine from us; but we certainly encourage you to STORE it all with us, regardless of where you buy it. We’re certain that the majority of collectors sell their wine through the merchant they store it with and given the advantages that BIX provides versus the competition, this is surely accepting ‘second best’.

To find out more about our storage provision and how to open an account (and indeed, how to arrange to move your stock from other storage providers to us) simply click here or drop me an email with your question.

State of the art Fine Wine storage at BI

February Highlights:

Over the past month, I’ve noticed some trends since the start of the year that may very well present you with some opportunities. There has been a significant uptick in interest in wines from the Rhone and Italy, as well as 2000 and 2006 vintages of Bordeaux. Make sure you’re not missing out! Go through your collections on your commute home (your ‘Cellar’ section on your smartphone or tablet is so easy to use), be ruthless and work out what you really want to drink versus where you can turn a small profit and get listing. So many wines can be offered straight away where we’ve got enough data to bring you an up-to-the-minute valuation and crucially, a realistic selling price that cuts through the noise and some frankly rather ambitious prices being offered in the wider market.

If you’re looking to add a few things to your collection, take a look at these gems:


Lamarche Bourgogne Rouge 2013 - £180 per case; a brilliant example of Burgundy for very little outlay

Salon 1983 en magnum - £1900; find out exactly how long this monolithic Champagne can last

One single magnum of the astonishing 1985 Sassicaia - £3200; once in a lifetime? Has to be done, surely

Charvin CNDP 2000 - £720; a seriously good Chateauneuf by the way, and at a price to make the Bordelais blush


But as ever, wines listed on BIX don’t often stick around. If you’re someone who often suffers with FOMO… maybe look away now… all of these beauties found new homes via BIX this month:


Mouton 2005 in double magnums AND imperials

Domaine de l’Arlot Vosne Romanee les Suchot 2000 en magnum

Giacomo Conterno Monfortino Riserva 1997

Pichon Baron 1996


Guilt trip over, I promise, but my message is simple – BIX gives you the best of both worlds. You can find a few odd bottles for a special occasion or ‘just because’, whilst being able to trade parts of your portfolio that you don’t think you’ll ever get around to drinking. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next opportunity!

View our demo video and find out more about BIX here.


Having followed COVID-19 Government advice, we have temporarily closed our London office until further notice, we are however operating as normal. Click here to read more