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BIX: It’s a wine win-win

by Lewis Byrne (Client Reserves Manager)

We continue to find and list some absolute gems which have been squirrelled away in cellars. The usual reasons apply: the owners bought too much, their tastes have changed, or they’re just worth too much to justify drinking now. Any which way, one person’s gain is another person’s… gain?

There are some stunning items on BIX right now:

  • A beautiful Imperial of the utterly brilliant (and sometimes overlooked) Mouton ‘89
  • A raft of brilliant, ‘under the radar’ Bordeaux 2009s including Brane Cantenac (95RP), La Lagune (95RP) and Le Gay (96RP)
  • Halves of the greatest ever Yquem, the 2001
  • Literally dozens of Grands Crus from multiple serious Burgundy producers including Dujac, Grivot and Rousseau
  • Top Champagnes ready to drink from the great vintages of 1990 and 1996
  • Masses of superstars from the Rhone and Italy, including hundreds of bottles ready to drink

Take a look at the full, current list of BIX offerings right here.

Part of the reason for this continual flow of beautiful, maturing stock is the regular flow of customers transferring their wines into our warehouse. It seems our services – from the basics of logistics and storage, through to the technological offerings including our superb valuation system and the BIX and LiveTrade platforms – are drawing people away from their traditional providers.

In Q3 2018 we had a 47% increase (from Q2) of wines being brought into our warehouse from other merchants – over 3,000 cases. Once these have seen the light of their true value thanks to our valuation system, many are making their way onto BIX for others to purchase and enjoy.

It’s the definition of a win-win. If you’d like to join in just drop me a line and we can get the ball rolling.

Having followed COVID-19 Government advice, we have temporarily closed our London office until further notice, we are however operating as normal. Click here to read more