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BIX: The Formula 1 of Wine Trading

by Lewis Byrne (Head of BIX and Client Reserves)

We’re only a month and a half into 2019 and BIX has got off the grid and away like Lewis Hamilton. January was a record-smashing month where in total, we helped you sell just short of £700k of wine! You certainly have some quality tucked away in your collections and BIX is the premier place to realise that potential. We’ve got more active users than ever before and at the time of writing, there is over £3.6m available to trade on BIX. Every month, there is consistent growth and we’re seeing more rarities added on a daily basis, so make sure you’re not missing out. Be part of that growth story – this is one bandwagon you most definitely want to jump on. If you feel like your cellar is a little overweight in certain areas, make sure you log into your account, take advantage of our valuation services and get trading. I’ve said it so many times but I’ll keep saying it – someone out there is looking for that case of wine that you have in your collection so if you’re not going to drink it, make sure someone else can…and cash in along the way.

Over the past couple of months, a few of you have asked me how exactly we sell your wines on BIX – what’s our approach? In essence, we do it in one of two ways:

  1. Our website. When you list a wine on BIX, it goes up on our site straight away so anyone can search, find and buy that case. Everything on our website, whether BIX or stock, is also visible to the wine search engines so you’re gaining visibility to a truly worldwide audience
  2. Old fashioned hand-selling. Our sales team is extremely dedicated and you won’t find a better one anywhere else. They have over 150yrs experience between them and really listen to your needs. We have daily reports that show all of the latest additions and tools that help track any specific wines that you’ve asked them to look out for on your behalf. So if you’re after something, be it a particular wine or something cool from the Rhone, they’ll know about it

None of my BIX-related posts would be complete without highlighting a few of the gems that are currently listed on the platform, so here they are:

To Drink:

To Savour:

As ever, make sure you check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our website and if you need to chat about anything BIX-related, just drop me a line.

Switching? Yes, you can

Switching – something we’re accustomed to these days when it comes to our energy, broadband and banking services and the same should be true when it comes to your storage provider. Think about it, why would you seek out the best tariff or services from banks but not do the same for the keepers of your most precious liquid assets?

The common argument I hear time and again (and I’ve been doing this for a long time) is that it’s too hard or too time consuming. Let’s bust that myth right now – it isn’t. The process is a simple as this – give it to me and I’ll do the work for you. I only need three things from you:

  1. A list (or lists) of the wines you’d like to move
  2. The prices you paid for them originally
  3. The merchant you’d like to switch from

That’s it. Really. I’ll then get in touch with the merchant to act on your behalf and arrange the move. I’ll make sure everything arrives safely and once it does, you’ll get a notification confirming that everything has been placed in your cellar. When you switch, you will be able to access your ‘Cellar’ section, which gives you complete control of your wine collection. You can pay your bills, arrange deliveries, sell parts of your portfolio on BIX or LiveTrade, or of course, add more to it. Our proprietary algorithm provides a market value and shows the percentage return (where cost prices are available). You can decide what to drink, keep or sell.

I’ve helped many customers over the years switch to us and I genuinely believe we can offer you the best tools and the best service. You won’t find me on comparison sites, so get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Having followed COVID-19 Government advice, we have temporarily closed our London office until further notice, we are however operating as normal. Click here to read more