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A Whisky Soaked Memory

by BI Wines & Spirits
"Fine wine and spirits can intrigue the brain, comfort the body and stimulate the soul..." … with this in mind
we've asked our team to tell us some of their best memories and how
particular fine wines or spirits playing a featuring role.

The first in our series - Rory Spensley 


It started with...


''Sit down… I need to have a word with you…''


In my book that sentence is seldom followed by anything good. Not least when it comes after a booze fuelled family dinner. After the crowd had dissipated off to bed, I found myself in my kitchen with my sister’s partner when he told me he needed a chat. He clutched a bottle of 

whisky, Red Breast 12 year old, two tumblers, and down we sat.


Tasting from the barrel


Previous to joining the spirits team, whisky had always been liquid luck you threw into a hip flask and tucked into on a sunny day accompanied by questionable fancy dress and even more questionable decisions. It was never a drink that I had learnt to enjoy in moderation, much less so after a hearty dinner full of wine.


Nonetheless, I was eager to show that I could enjoy the finer things in life and hold my own, and after a couple of drams, we were happily discussing England’s chances in the upcoming World Cup and test match batting order decisions. This isn’t so bad, I remember thinking both about the conversation and the glass in my hand, hell I could even come to enjoy this!

 Redbreast 12

The bottle that started it all...


‘''Now look Rory, there is no easy way of saying this… The reason I have asked you to join me is…'' oh God, he’s done something bad! Something really bad and he thinks I can help him… ‘''I just can’t keep it a secret anymore I just need to tell someone!'' I’m not surprised but you shouldn’t be telling me! I’m useless when it comes to covering up a mess!


To this day, I still can’t put to words the emotions I felt that evening. The drams, the memories, the laughter, the complete emotional euphoria. That is what I love most about the industry I work in. Being able to create and share incredible memories with family and friends all while discovering amazing liquid is the best thing about what I do and being able to provide that opportunity to others is truly special. I will never forget that evening, polishing off a half bottle of Redbreast 12. I’ve since made it my goal to create more memories like it.


Oh and if you were wondering what he said – he was going to ask my sister to marry him.


Redbreast 12


Nose: Nutty, rich and oily. There are notes of dried peels, ginger, linseed and cut fruits including a touch of melon.
Palate: Spicy with great body. Nuts and citrus (peel and juice) with hints of marzipan, dried fruits and a hint of Sherry. You turn it over in your mouth forever.
Finish: Long and creamy with custard and spice.

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