Our Values

A message from BI Wines & Spirits founder Gary Boom and Chairman Lord Spencer of Alresford

At BI we are passionate about wine.

About the skill and craft that goes into producing the world’s finest wines and spirits.

About the care and attention required to further enhance their quality and value whether still in bond, stored in the cellar or in a glass about to be drunk.

We are also passionate about making those wines and spirits available to the people who appreciate them in the best possible fashion.

When we started this business, we felt that wasn’t necessarily the way things worked.

Many merchants were more interested in their margins than their customers. There was little transparency around pricing, little innovation in service, little use of the tools and technologies that have come to support and enhance delivery standards in other markets for premium products.

Our mission was to change all that. That remains our mission today.

We want to bring a new, customer-focused attitude.

We want to bring the energy of passionate enthusiasts.

We want to redefine what it means to be a fine wine merchant.

At BI, we believe we can offer a service that is unmatched in the industry.

Our global reach enables access to the finest wines and spirits at the keenest prices.

Our platform enables you to know the true value of your portfolio and to realise that value with every bottle you buy or sell.

We know there is more to do. There always will be.

But our commitment is to strive every day to be the best operator in the fine wine market bar none.

We are BI. The Fine Wine Merchant Redefined

Gary Boom, CEO and founder of BI Wines & Spirits
Lord Spencer of Alresford, Chairman of BI Wines & Spirits